Tuning & Remap

Remapping is a process of altering your car engine’s computer, which is better known as an engine control unit (ECU). … By changing or overwriting this program with new software, the functions can be customised and the performance of your car can be improved or just the fuel consumption is corrected to better, lower values.
Save as much as 15% on your annual fuel costs and increase your engine performance by up to 35% with our engine tuning and remapping services. Based in Crawley we are here to help you get more from your car, van or truck engine. We use advanced automotive technology to retune or remap your engine.

Key Benefits of ECU Remapping:

  • Performance gains – a remap will improve your engine’s torque and general power delivery so making it more responsive to drive
  • Acceleration improvements – by removing ‘flat spots,’ acceleration will be much smoother and throttle response vastly improved
  • Economy – you should benefit from an up to 10% improvement in fuel economy which will soon help you save on fuel costs
  • Emissions – CO2 from petrol engines and NOx and particulates from diesel engines are usually reduced so reducing your vehicle’s carbon footprint

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