Welcome to Autoelectronics UK Solution Ltd

With a team of highly experienced car mechanics, auto electricians and auto-engineers along with a fully equipped garage, we invest our time and effort into every repair to ensure you get the service you deserve. Offering nothing less than first class repairs at even better prices in Crawely.

No repair is too big or small for us at Autoelectronics.


Minor or Majors services. As a licenced garage, keep your service history up to date and your car running smoothly

Fault Diagnostics

Has a warning light come on in your dashboard? Is your car making a funny noise? Come down and we will diagnose the fault for you.

Tuning and Remapping

We have years of experience working with the latest technology to provide unrivalled ECU remapping, tuning and other specialist car services.

Carbon Clean

Carbon Cleaning Machine allows you to get blocked DPFs, fouled fuel injectors and MOT emission failures fixed with a minimum of fuss and have access to a preventative maintenance solution.


We can supply and fit the majority of tire brands for your vehicle.


We will MOT your vehicle for you and offer a competitively priced solution if it needs any remediation work to pass.

Clutch replacement

If your car is struggling to pull away or seems to be revving without moving, it could be your clutch. Here at Autoelectronics we have the equipment and experience to change a clutch for you.

General Work

From replacing a battery to sorting that annoying squeak, we are here to cover all your motoring needs.